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Flour Power: A Guide To Modern Home Grain Milling

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Flour Power: A Guide To Modern Home Grain Milling

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Flour Power: A Guide To Modern Home Grain Milling

by Marleeta F. Basey

Home flour milling is quick and easy, but who needs it? Only gourmet bakers... heart patients... constipation or celiac sufferers... diabetics... dieters... and anyone else who yearns for "good" carbs, more fibre, old-fashioned bread flavour or a secure food source. With a huge collection of modern grain mills to choose from, even the busiest person can get all their daily grain servings from whole grains without sacrificing flavour or texture, or kitchen time, for that matter – just ten minutes to mill and dump ingredients in the bread machine bucket.

Flour Power explains why commercial flours (including "whole wheat") lack flavour and nutrition, why home-milled flour is the most feasible (and delicious) source for the "good" carbs that are so vital to a healthful diet and proper weight and how to select the right mill for any lifestyle – from frantic to mellow. It provides an education on bread and dessert wheats, explains how to make American-style breads light and artisan loaves authentic, gives exhaustive detail for comparing, locating and selecting a home flour mill, and offers recipes for delicious (100% whole wheat) breads, muffins, cookies, quick breads and much, much more.

The appendices contain sources for over 30 grain mills, for oat rollers and the "right" wheats for specific baking projects. Detailed, entertaining, rich in historical tidbits; indispensable for the time-starved, health-conscious bread lover.

288 pages

Jermar Press; Revised Edition (May 15, 2004)


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